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Club Organizational Structure

SouLmaTe Club is standing here to represent the spirit of BROTHERHOOD, LOVE and FRIENDSHIP as we realize that it almost takes a lifetime to measure in believing that we all can live in peace and unity. Enjoy yourself on this club.

Soulmate Club :

Webmaster Team :

Facebook & Twitter Team :

Forum Team :

Photographer Team :

Graphic Design Team :


Soulmate Club comes from -DE- Club which was established on 17 March 2007, and then -DE- Club at reorganize renamed SOULMATE CLUB on 27 July 2008.
We formalize a birthday of Soulmate Club on 27 July 2008. And Soulmate Club began to grow and become a community's biggest and best in Audition Ayodance Game Online Indonesia.

Audition Ayodance Game Online :

  • SouLmaTe-1st : Leader SchatzPuu-Rz
  • SouLmaTe-2nd : Leader SchatzieSien-Xs
  • SouLmaTe-3rd : Leader SchatzieLion-
  • SouLmaTe-1Fc : Leader SchatzAiroh-1Fc

Audition SEA Game Online :

  • SouLmaTe-1st : Leader SchatzieBear
  • SouLmaTe-2nd : Leader SchatzSouL

Idol Street Game Online :

  • Soulmate : Leader la_alex

ShowTime Indonesia :

  • SouLmaTe Fam : Leader SchatzAlex

Audition Mobile :

  • -SOULMATE- : SchatzieASH

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